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December 1, 2016 | Oscar Masinyana, Managing Editor

Supporting early career researchers in ways that count

Six reflections from South Africa’s early career researcher ‘Conversazione’

The number of researchers moving from PhDs into a career in academia is shrinking, while the challenges to pursuing a career in research appear to be rising. So how can early career researchers best develop a body of published research, and what can the scholarly community do to better support people as they move into becoming published authors?…

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  • November 22, 2016 | Anna Walton, Editorial Systems Coordinator

    Making the most of your reviewer list

    Using your peer review submission system to help you keep your reviewer list up to date

    When examining improvement and development opportunities for your journal, editors should aim to enhance and augment the review process. Many editors would agree that the most difficult element of peer review is finding reviewers who are willing and able to evaluate a paper within a few weeks; yet this is such an integral slice of the journal’s day to day running, as it helps to improve both the speed and quality of the peer review process.…

  • October 28, 2016 | Jeffrey A. Simmons, , Editor-in-Chief, the Journal of Freshwater Ecology

    A transition to open access

    The Journal of Freshwater Ecology, published since 1981, is a peer-reviewed journal for the field of aquatic ecology of freshwater systems that is aimed at an international audience of researchers and professionals. In 2017, the journal will be a fully open access journal, meaning all articles will, if accepted, be available for anyone to read anywhere, at any time immediately on publication. But what are the implications of this move to open access? Jeffrey A. Simmons, Editor-in-Chief of the journal reflects this Open Access Week.
  • October 26, 2016 | Dr. Xiaochun Liu, Executive Editor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters

    Helping the public understand science

    Social media ventures and open access opportunities

    Dr. Xiaochun Liu is Executive Editor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters (AOSL), an international journal for the publication of original Letters related to all aspects of the atmospheric sciences and physical oceanography. In this blog post, Dr Xiaochun Liu explores the opportunities presented by using social media and publishing open access. How has social media been used to help the public understand research published in the journal? And why did the editors choose open access? Read on to find out.
  • October 3, 2016 | Lucy Francis, Editorial Office Team Leader

    The Peer Review Systems Helpdesk

    The process of peer review via an online submission system such as ScholarOne Manuscripts or Editorial Manager often generates queries, and you may not always be able to answer these yourself. Taylor & Francis have a dedicated Peer Review Systems (PRS) Helpdesk to help you.