August 23, 2017 | Victoria Kennelly, Peer Review Systems Coordinator

What do you think of our submission system video tutorials?

User test our upcoming video tutorials for ScholarOne Manuscripts & Editorial Manager

The Peer Review Systems team here at Taylor & Francis have been working on creating a range of short video tutorials to help guide our editors through some of the features on both our ScholarOne Manuscripts and Editorial Manager submissions systems. These are typical, daily tasks that are necessary to carry out your role on the journal, and the guides are designed to be short and succinct ‘go to’ resources when assistance on performing a certain action is required.


What are they?

Rather than the usual PDF guides that are typically used, we decided to create tutorials in a video format to allow you to watch a task as it is completed step by step, in real time, to give you a better understanding of what actions are needed to be taken, and where on the system you can find certain features, e.g. search functions or buttons to press.

All the guides have been set to a speed that will allow non-native English speakers to follow along and translate, but it is easy to move onto the next step by clicking on the forward arrow below the video. Moreover, each video has a pause function to allow you to follow along with each action in the video at the same time.

The guides are currently in a period of testing to allow us to gather constructive feedback, with an aim to have them permanently hosted online and available to you any time you need to refer to them.


Tutorials for editors

The tutorials available for each system are listed below. To view a tutorial for a particular action, simply click on the link and the video will start automatically.

  • Editorial Manager

Viewing reviewers comments
Unsubmitting single blind paper
Unsubmitting double blind paper
Submitting a recommendation
Searching for papers and people
Making a final decision
Inviting reviewers
Identifying revised papers
Extend reviewer deadline
Assigning papers to editors

  • ScholarOne

Reassign to a different editor
Making an immediate decision
Assigning an editor
Extend an author deadline
Identifying revision and resubmission
Inviting reviewers
Making a decision
Making a recommendation
Searching for papers
Viewing reviewer comments
Unsubmitting a double blind paper
Unsubmitting a single blind paper
Extend reviewer deadline


Tutorials for reviewers

  • Editorial Manager

Responding to invitation
Submitting a review on Editorial Manager

  • ScholarOne

Responding to invitation
Submitting a review on ScholarOne Manuscripts

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