February 6, 2018 | Victoria Farrimond, Journals Development Coordinator

Video abstracts

Engaging readers, driving usage and citations

What is a video abstract?

All authors that publish with Taylor & Francis have the option of creating a video abstract for their article. A video abstract is more than simply reading the written abstract on camera. Instead, it is a short video that engagingly introduces readers to an article, often with the authors speaking on screen, intercut with visuals. Similarly, the abstract may take the form of an interview or discussion between co-authors.

However an author chooses to present it, it is important to be creative and interesting. If done right, video abstracts can be very effective.


Why create a video abstract?

Video abstracts can be a challenge for an author to create, requiring forethought and skill in recording and editing the video. Our Author Services team has created a post that guides authors through the process of creating and submitting a video abstract.


What do they look like?

Once a paper goes to publication on Taylor & Francis Online, the video abstract will appear below the written abstract on the article. Want to know what they look like? Just click on the links to view some examples of best practice:

If you know an author who has published with Taylor & Francis Online and might like to create a video abstract, please do share our video abstract guidance with them.

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