October 15, 2018 | Philip Pike, Research Assistant

Last week's top articles

Last week’s top five Taylor & Francis Online articles (recorded by Altmetric)

The Altmetric score represents the attention an article has received. The table shows the overall score for each article, displayed in real time in the Altmetric donut. The colors around the edge indicate the sources referring to the article. Click on the donuts to find out more about the activity relating to the individual articles.

Altmetric ScoreArticle

The Smallest-Known Neonate Individual of Tylosaurus (Mosasauridae, Tylosaurinae) Sheds New Light on the Tylosaurine Rostrum and Heterochrony

Student-centered instruction and academic achievement: linking mechanisms of educational inequality to schools’ instructional strategy

Generation of high concentrations of respirable solid-phase aerosols from viscous fluids

LDL-C does not cause cardiovascular disease: a comprehensive review of the current literature

The use of Twitter for continuing professional development within occupational therapy

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