June 4, 2018 | Chris Bennett, Research Assistant

Last week's top articles

Last week’s top five Taylor & Francis Online articles (recorded by Altmetric)

The Altmetric score represents the attention an article has received. The table shows the overall score for each article, displayed in real time in the Altmetric donut. The colors around the edge indicate the sources referring to the article. Click on the donuts to find out more about the activity relating to the individual articles.

Overall scoreArticle details
How does paid sick leave relate to health care affordability and poverty among US workers? - Social Work in Health Care
Call Center Productivity Over 6 Months Following a Standing Desk Intervention - IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors
As seas rise, world awaits “the plan” - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Saving not spending: Indonesia’s domestic demand problem - Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies
Student evaluations of teaching are an inadequate assessment tool for evaluating faculty performance - Cogent Education

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