May 24, 2016 | Becca Bray, OA Marketing Executive

The role of marketing in open access

Applying tactics and channels to journal articles

‘Open access’ (OA) publishing means articles are freely available for others to read and use. The inclusivity and accessibility of OA content offers many opportunities for marketing, and we use a number of different tactics and channels at Taylor & Francis to highlight research articles published OA across all journals. But what are these tactics and channels? Below we explore just some of the activity our marketing team employ to maximize OA’s reach and visibility.

Content collections

Virtual special issues (VSIs) and Editor’s Choice collections enable us to showcase specially selected content from a journal’s archive, often in dialogue with editors. These pages might be designed to increase the usage and awareness of a journal, to showcase most read or most cited content, to introduce researchers to a new editor, or as part of a wider branding campaign. Alternatively, they can be used to highlight a key element of the journal’s Aims & Scope, with a view to attracting more papers of such calibre, or to enable the marketer to target a particular market segment such as authors from a different research discipline or practitioners. For example, this Editor’s Choice campaign was created in order to highlight the policy-related papers published in Development Studies Research and appeal to the practitioner market.

Open Select hub pages

To increase the visibility and usage of OA content published in our hybrid Open Select titles, we created our Open Select hub page. Every month, we update these pages with the latest OA content and market them continuously throughout the year, generating thousands of additional downloads.

Press releases

In a previous post, we talked about the use of press releases as a tool to reach new audiences beyond academia, but did you know we have a dedicated project team who meet monthly to review articles with potential PR appeal? This ‘Media Plus’ team review both OA and non-OA content, so if you have recently accepted an article with PR potential, get in touch with your marketer today.


Launched monthly or bimonthly, our subject newsletters pull together the latest news and offers likely to be of interest to a wide audience such as themed article collections, special issues, calls for papers, or popular articles. Our customers are encouraged to opt-in to receive these newsletters via social media posts, through competitions, or at conferences.

In addition to this, we also run a dedicated OA Bulletin providing information about policy and funding, developments from the Taylor & Francis Open and Open Select programmes, calls for papers, and the latest OA articles.


Conferences are the perfect platform to network in a relaxed environment and highlight specific journals. We often work with editors to host ‘Meet the Editor’ receptions, which give delegates a chance to learn more about the aims of a journal and how to publish in it. Similarly, workshops on such areas as ‘Publishing in academic journals: tips to help you succeed’ or sessions dedicated to open access provide the perfect opportunity to answer delegates’ questions. Alongside traditional marketing via delegate lists or web advertising, conferences enable us to encourage the submission of manuscripts, and sometimes we use supplements or special issues to publish the conference proceedings, as in the case of this Journal of Biological Dynamics special issue.

Social media

Social media has changed the way we are able to interact with authors and researchers, creating opportunities to have two-way conversations in real-time. Such sites are especially useful in aiding the promotion of OA content, as the research is available permanently, to anyone, anywhere.

As well as helping to increase the visibility of content at the article-level, social platforms enable us to keep abreast of developments in any given subject area, network with existing and potential authors, host Twitter parties, and live Tweet from conferences. In addition to the Taylor & Francis corporate accounts (@tandfnewsroom and @tandfonline) we also manage a number of subject accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as a dedicated @tandfopen account, engaging our followers in conversations and discussions around OA.

Want to know more? Here’s just some of the ways you can stay up-to-date on OA  at Taylor & Francis:

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