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November 16, 2017 | Alice James, Content Executive

Have you seen our Hive of Knowledge?

Celebrating Taylor & Francis partnerships

We recently launched a new page over at our Author Services site celebrating our network of partners and highlighting the work we are doing to achieve our shared goal of cultivating knowledge and furthering understanding.
August 2, 2017 | Prof David Rapp Editor-in-Chief, 'Discourse Processes'

Working with a learned society: an editor's perspective

Q&A with Prof David Rapp on his involvement with Society for Text & Discourse

David Rapp is a Professor in the Department of Psychology in the Weinberg College of Arts and Science, and in the Learning Sciences program in the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University, Chicago. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of Discourse Processes, the official journal of the Society for Text & Discourse (ST&D). We spoke to David Rapp about his involvement with ST&D, the career opportunities it has opened up for him, and for his advice on promoting healthy communication between the Editorial Board, society and Taylor & Francis.
May 18, 2017 | Laura Raines, Marketing Associate

Top takeaways from the 2017 STM Society Day

A group of Taylor & Francis colleagues recently attended STM Society Day, a conference whose mission was to bring Scholarly Society Publishers together to discuss common opportunities and challenges. The sessions covered a range of topics, from using data to understand society members and their needs to the role of societies and scholarly research in the age of fake news.
March 30, 2017 | Victoria Farrimond Journals Development Coordinator

How to optimize your community links

Strengthening and enhancing links to the community around your journal is of immense benefit. Building author loyalty to the journal is crucial to long term success, as authors are more likely to submit to a journal that is familiar and known to them.…

May 4, 2016 | Elaine Devine Senior Communications Manager (Author Relations)

Supporting researchers in China and beyond with the launch of

Taylor & Francis’ new online hub for scholars based in China and for Chinese researchers anywhere in the world has launched this week. Find out how this website, with support and guidance in Mandarin, can help you in your work as an editor, and what the reaction was when we debuted it at recent editor roundtable events in Hong Kong and Beijing.