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August 7, 2017 | Dr John Harrison Associate Editor, 'Regional Studies'

Do simpler, shorter titles lead to more readership?

Advice on engaging readers through titles and abstracts

Dr John Harrison is Reader in Human Geography at Loughborough University and is Associate Editor of the Taylor & Francis journal, Regional Studies. Dr Harrison recently appeared on our Expert View of Journal Metrics webinar to advise Editors on how to maximize the impact of the research in their journals. One of the points he put forward to Editors was the importance of working with authors to improve titles and abstracts to bridge the gap between those looking at research and those reading it.
July 13, 2017 | Andrew Malekoff Editor, 'Social Work with Groups'

How to build and sustain a healthy readership

Since 1990, Andrew Malekoff has been the Editor of Social Work with Groups, a quarterly journal of community and clinical practice. As well as this, he is the Executive Director of the children’s mental health agency, North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center. …