April 1, 2015 | Georgina Reeder, Communications Officer

Supporting Sense About Science: the latest peer-review workshops

“Peer review continues to grow and change to meet new demands and improve its own effectiveness. It takes the ideas and work of many to achieve this, and we’re all encouraged to participate.” Benjamin Portelli, recent attendee at Sense About Science’s “Peer review: the nuts and bolts” workshop

Understanding the peer-review process is a vital step for early-career researchers. In May, Taylor & Francis will once again be supporting Sense About Science’s free, half-day workshop “Peer review: the nuts and bolts.”

The first of this year’s two workshops will be held in central London. Alongside tips on how to get involved, challenges to the system, and the role that peer review plays in helping the public to evaluate research claims, other important questions will be explored:

  • Should peer review detect plagiarism, bias, or fraud?
  • What does peer review do for science and what does the scientific community want it to do for them?
  • Should reviewers remain anonymous?
  • Does peer review illuminate good ideas or shut them down?

We’re also excited to announce that Dr. Mike Smith, founder and editor of the Journal of Maps, will be attending the workshop as one of the panel’s presenters.

The event is organized by Sense About Science, a charitable trust that strives to engage early-career researchers in debates on evidence and research, promoting scientific scrutiny and the importance of peer review. Through their Voice of Young Science program, they engage early-career researchers in public science debates.

Applications for attendance are open until Friday 22 May, so there’s plenty of time to share the details with anyone who might be interested – whether that’s colleagues, fellow researchers, or friends. You can also find out what one researcher discovered at their last workshop, held at the University of St Andrews at the end of last year.

Find out how to apply for your place. We look forward to seeing you there.

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