July 27, 2015 | Karen Winter, Head of Quality Management

Support for editors and authors – Taylor & Francis Editing Services

In February this year we launched Taylor & Francis Editing Services. The service was developed in response to authors’ need for advice on language editing or assistance with arranging translation. The aim of the service is to support authors and to ease the burden for editors in managing submissions that need translation or English language improvement.

The service offers a quick turnaround, a range of services, and clear pricing for authors. Editors are now able to direct queries on language polishing, translation, formatting, or figure preparation to a reliable service that meets the high standards expected of their journal. The copy-editors provided are high-caliber, active researchers from reputable universities, who all have extensive training to ensure they can effectively edit and work with papers from international scholars.

Taylor & Francis Editing Services can never guarantee acceptance of a paper and this is clear in communication with authors, but the service can help to minimize language barriers and make research accessible, either before or after editorial review. Authors whose papers have been edited or translated via the service are given a certificate of editing or translation, which can be submitted with a paper on initial submission or resubmission so that journal editors are clear what work has been done on a paper.

We have seen excellent take-up of the service in its first few months, with the number of articles edited through our services steadily increasing. Most authors are currently using the language editing services (both basic and advanced levels), rather than the other services on offer. The greatest take-up is in China, accounting for 43% of requests to date. This is followed by USA at 11%, and Spain and Turkey both on 7%.

Looking at broadly grouped disciplines, so far, the greatest use of our services has been in engineering, technology, and medicine.

We have recently added Japanese translation to the suite of services, which was launched at the beginning of July in response to requests from this region. We hope that we will be able to report a positive take-up of this service in coming reports on T&F Editing Services.

If you have any questions about how any of these services could work for your journal, please contact your publisher or Karen Winter, Head of Quality Management, karen.winter@informa.com.

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