March 22, 2018 | Claire Doffegnies, Communications Executive

Spread the word, spread the support: our 15-minute podcast series

NEW: the unspoken challenges of research life

As a journal editor, you’ll be working with researchers at different stages of their careers – some who will have published many times and others who are at the very start of their research career. As a publisher, we want to support researchers at all stages, keeping up to date with the latest trends and research findings, publishing their first paper, developing their research profile, or moving beyond their PhD to find a career that’s right for them (maybe even taking on the role of a journal editor.)

From encouraging people outside of academia to read your work, to exploring the many and varied career paths open to researchers, there’s something for everyone in our podcast series. Created with Vitae – the international program that champions professional development for researchers – the series features interviews from people working in all aspects of research, and offers tips and practical advice that you can pass on to the researchers you work with (and you might even glean some valuable insights yourselves.)


Listen now: getting published for the first time

The latest '15 minutes to develop your research career' podcast episode focuses on the unspoken challenges of research life.

What barriers do researchers from ethnic minority backgrounds face when pursuing a career in academia? What are the barriers to researchers taking parental leave? What is the significance of gender in the research landscape?

Listen to the series now and help support your journal community by spreading the word about it.

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