November 1, 2017 | Victoria Farrimond, Journals Development Coordinator

Social media 101

Introducing our social media guide for editors

For some, social media is a part of everyday life: sharing events on Facebook, photographs of favourite meals on Instagram, and work successes on LinkedIn. And now, a growing number of academics are also sharing their research and engaging in discussion on social media, particularly on Twitter.

This provides an ideal environment to promote and generate discussion around your journal; however, before you start setting up your online identity and hash tagging your tweets, you need to take a moment to establish your aims and objectives so that you can make the most of social media. For many editors, the aim is to improve the discoverability of their research, reaching out beyond their subscribers or readers to engage with the wider academic community and, increasingly, the public.

To help you make the most of the opportunities these online networking platforms offer to journals and editors, our in-house social media team has created an extensive resource that guides you through each step of your social media journey. In this handbook, you’ll find advice on what to consider before setting up an account, engagement tips to ensure your posts reach a broader audience, and information on how to use data from these platforms to develop your journal’s future content:


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In addition to this guide, we have range of articles on Editor Resources to explain the impact an online presence can have on your journal, as well as steer you through the various aspects of social media management:

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