June 1, 2017 | Helen Opara, Communications Officer

#ShareYourEprints: helping you to help authors increase the reach of their research

What is an eprint?

An eprint is a link which authors can send to people to give them free access to their online article as soon as it’s published. Sent to every researcher publishing in a subscription journal via email, all authors (including co-authors) have 50 free eprints to share, ensuring their research gets the recognition it deserves. Authors can access their eprint link at any time via Authored Works, where they can also share their eprints through the most popular social media networks by simply clicking on the relevant icon: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. Here, they can also check how many eprints they’ve used and how many they have left to send to their peers, colleagues and friends.


Find out more

Why is it important for extending the reach of their work, and your journal? Where and how can these eprints be shared? Get the answers to these questions with our five top tips on sharing your 50 free eprints. And once you’ve read them, don’t forget to encourage the researchers publishing in your journal to #ShareYourEprints.

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