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ScholarOne Manuscripts

ScholarOne Manuscripts is an online peer review system that allows editors and editorial offices to manage the submission and peer review of articles. Every step of the peer review process can be handled online with minimal effort by the user, allowing more efficient peer review and as a result, faster manuscript processing times.

To locate the peer review system site for a Taylor & Francis journal, please go to the relevant Taylor & Francis Online journal homepage and click on "Online Submissions" or navigate to the Instructions for Authors page for the journal. You will find the link to the peer review system site under "Manuscript Submission." If you cannot find this, it means that the journal is not yet using an online peer review system.

Taylor & Francis has assembled a range of illustrated step-by-step guides to assist you in using your ScholarOne Manuscripts site effectively. They include guidance on the editorial process as well as guidance on how to perform specific actions related to the review process.

Below are links to the guides. Click on the links to be taken to each guide, and save it as a bookmark for future access.

Editorial guides:

  • Editorial Office  – our guide to the Editorial Office provides an overview of the end-to-end review process, from the initial screening to the decision-making stage.
  • Editor – a guide for editors, providing information regarding the review process. This illustrated guide provides instructions on selecting and inviting reviewers. Instructions are provided for searching the journal database, as well as adding new reviewers to the database to build up the reviewer pool.
  • Author Submission a guide to advise authors on the requirements for the submission process, including double- and single-blind review, and submitting revised manuscripts.

“How to” guides:

  • Sending Accepted Papers to our Production team – our guide to completing the necessary steps to send the files and associated information to our Production workflow management system, CATS (Central Article Tracking System), so that accepted manuscripts can be prepared for publication.
  • Managing your Special Issue Effectively on ScholarOne – Managing your Special Issue on your ScholarOne Manuscripts sites benefits you, your guest editor, and your authors by clearly identifying those papers that have been submitted for consideration in any given Special Issue. This guide will show you all you need to know to do this effectively.
  • FAQs for ScholarOne – Our Electronic Editorial Systems Team has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for editors on ScholarOne. The team has answered these queries over the course of training sessions as well as the post-operational support for over 1,200 live sites.
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