December 1, 2014 | Laird Barrett, Senior eProduct Manager

Recent and forthcoming open access platform developments

Cogent OA and discovering open-access articles more easily on Taylor & Francis Online


One of our biggest and most exciting online platform developments this year was the launch of a website for Cogent OA, a new, open-access journals publisher that is part of the Taylor & Francis Group.

Please do visit the Cogent OA website. There are many interesting, freely available articles on the site. And while you’re there, please do explore some of the website’s exciting features, from the article panels that appear across the site, making newly published articles easily discoverable (an example can be found on any journal home page, such as Cogent Economics & Finance, to the article pages themselves, which have a floating left-hand navigation, an attractive figures and tables display, and from which beautifully designed PDFs and full-text article XML are available (see an example here).

The team at Cogent OA is eager for feedback, so please do send any that you have to or via the website Contact Us form. The website is a work in progress and we are continually improving it. And if you’re an author, please do consider Cogent OA as an option for publishing your next article open access.

Meanwhile, on Taylor & Francis Online, the platform for all Taylor & Francis journals content, we’ve embarked on a plan to make open-access articles more easily discoverable for readers.

Finding open-access articles on Taylor & Francis Online: To start with we’ve set up a page with our open access information that explains to readers the ways in which they can search and browse to  find open-access articles on Taylor & Francis Online.

A new journal-level open access navigation tab: We’re also developing a new journal-level open access navigation tab that appears when open-access articles are available within a subscription journal. When you click on the tab, the page will conveniently display all open-access articles published in that journal in reverse chronological order. All being well, this feature will be available on the Taylor & Francis Online site in early December, but here’s a sneak peak of the feature in development:

Links to Taylor & Francis open-access articles on Google Scholar: Finally, we are now sending a list of the open-access articles that we publish to Google Scholar. Based on these lists, Google Scholar makes direct links to the article pages on Taylor & Francis Online available to all users in their search results. This helps to inform users that the articles are accessible to them and drives usage of the articles. You can try this yourself, for example by searching for: “Affecting relations: domesticating the internet in a south-western Chinese town,” a Taylor & Francis open-access article, on Google Scholar.

We will continue to work on platform developments to make our open-access publishing options known to authors and to make Taylor & Francis open-access articles easily discoverable for readers.

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