February 23, 2015 | Luke Antieul, Marketing Executive & Jennifer Lovatt, Senior eProduct Manager

Read, annotate, and share journal content using the colwiz Interactive PDF Reader

When you come to read a journal article, previously there were two options on Taylor & Francis Online. You could either read it online, or download a PDF to save and print. So-called “flat PDFs” have struggled to keep pace with researchers needing to share articles online with colleagues.

Introducing the colwiz Interactive PDF Reader, which is now available on 40 Taylor & Francis group journals …

What is the colwiz Interactive PDF reader?

The colwiz Interactive PDF Reader allows you to annotate PDF documents while you are reading them on Taylor & Francis Online. Using the interactive tools, you can highlight text, write notes, and draw directly on articles — just as you can with a printed copy!

How do I use it?

Click the “View & Annotate PDF” button on the article page on Taylor & Francis Online to open the Interactive PDF Reader. Once the article has loaded, you can begin editing the PDF using the drawing, writing, and color-highlighting tools provided in the top-left corner of the page.

What happens next?

Once you’ve annotated your PDF, click on the “Save to colwiz Library” button to add the PDF to your personal library. If you don’t already have a colwiz account, you’ll be asked to follow the short registration process to set one up.

Once registered, you can view the annotated article in your library, share it with colleagues through the creation of working groups, and cite it in your own publications (with a choice of over 6,500 citation styles).

Which journals are included?

You can view a list of the journals currently included in the trial.

How does it benefit my journal?

The colwiz functionality increases readability of your journal’s content by allowing users to easily save these articles in a central library where they can be accessed online or offline. These papers become more discoverable as users can share annotated articles with colleagues through their research groups. This in turn can lead to increased citations of journal content.

How can I help to promote the colwiz functionality?

As an editor, you are your journal’s greatest ambassador, and there are plenty of quick and simple steps you can take. Why not send an email to your editorial board with a link to our information page? Or post about it on your social media account and include a link to [http://bit.ly/tf-colwiz]

We also have a range of information postcards about the colwiz Interactive PDF Reader that you can take along to conferences and other meetings. If you’d like us to send you physical or soft copies, just email your editorial or marketing contact who will be happy to arrange this.

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