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Raising the profile of my journal

The contribution of editors and editorial board members to the marketing process is greatly valued and can have a real impact on the continued success of a journal. Board members play a vital role in distributing information and news to the networks they are involved with. This section includes a range of ideas you could use to complement the work of the Taylor & Francis marketing department.

Websites and emails

If you have a profile page on your institution’s website, a personal webpage or sites for any projects you’re involved with, please include a link to your journal on Taylor & Francis Online. The more links there are to your journal, from a range of websites, the higher it will appear on search engine results.

If you have an account on academic networking and sharing sites such as Academia.edu and Mendeley or a professional network such as LinkedIn, do include information about your involvement with the journal and link directly to Taylor & Francis Online.

Please also use your email signature to tell people about the journal, linking to the current table of contents.

Social media, blogs, and discussion lists

We are seeing an increasing number of visitors coming to our platform straight from sites such as Twitter and Facebook. If you have any accounts on these networks please use them to share details of your journal’s latest articles and new issue releases. The easiest way to keep up to date with what is being published is to register for Alerts on Taylor & Francis Online, so that you receive a table-of-contents email as soon as new content is published.

If you have your own blog, that can also be a really useful forum for drawing attention to new material, encouraging paper submissions or highlighting promotions featuring in the journal.

Many disciplines have active listservs (email discussion lists). If you are a member of any do check with the list administrators whether you would be permitted to post tables of contents when new issues are published.

See also:

Promote Yourself via Twitter


It is obviously in the interest of authors that their work is widely read and makes an impact. Please do encourage authors to make use of their eprint allocation – a special link which enables up to 50 of the author’s contacts to access their article for free.

Please also direct authors to the “My Authored Works” section of Taylor & Francis Online which lists all of the papers an author has published with T&F, including the following details:

•             article metrics: how many times each article has been viewed

•             citation data: where and when each article has been cited

•             one-click sign-up to citation alerts: email or RSS notification when an article is cited

•             quick posting of article details to social media sites

•             a chronological history of the key dates in the life of each article

The Taylor & Francis Author Services website has a host of other suggestions showing authors how to promote their work.

Audio and video recordings

We have the facility to include audio and video recordings on Taylor & Francis Online. These can bring “added value” to the publication and act as an incentive for people to visit the site. Examples of such recordings include interviews or panel discussions around the themes of a Special Issue or event. They can even be used as an alternative to a printed editorial. These forms of supplementary material usually result in a large number of hits on the websites and journal pages.

See what you think – have a look at the Expert Interviews on our Education Arena:

If you are interested in producing your own recording, take a look at our advice document.

Library recommendation

Check that your own institution has a subscription to your journal. If not, recommend it for the next subscription year. This is quick and easy to do via the “Recommend to a librarian” link on each journal homepage on Taylor & Francis Online.

Once your institution subscribes, you can add the journal to your students’ reading lists as essential reading!

Press releases

Do let your Taylor & Francis marketing contact know if you spot any articles in the pipeline which could be considered for highlighting to the media. For the most newsworthy research we can work with you, the author, and their institution’s communications office to produce and distribute a press release. The resulting coverage can help to increase the journal’s impact and bring articles to the attention of a wider audience.

We have seen great results from our press releases, with information being picked up regularly by the national newspapers. Many of our press releases see an increase in article downloads averaging 300 – 500+ in the week following the distribution of the press release.

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