June 27, 2013 |

Electronic Editorial Systems at Taylor & Francis

At Taylor & Francis, the majority of our journals use online peer review systems to manage the peer review process. Our dedicated Electronic Editorial Systems Team continues to implement an increasing number of journals onto these systems, with staff located in the U.K., U.S. and South Africa offices to carry out this work.

For each journal, one member of the Electronic Editorial Systems implementation team is assigned as a consistent point of contact to support journal staff through every aspect of the implementation of their peer review system. This includes coordinating teleconferences to demonstrate the core functions of the site, as well as providing guidance on the system options for configuration of the site.

Once the site is released for testing, the team will provide training to journal staff so that they can learn how to use their site effectively. During this time, the team will ensure journal staff feel fully prepared to receive live submissions. Once the site is live, they will act as knowledgeable intermediaries between the technical online peer-review staff and the journal, continuing to provide systems support to journal staff.

The Electronic Editorial Systems Team also beta-tests new peer review systems functionality to ensure Taylor & Francis journals are receiving the system updates they need to manage peer review efficiently.

For more information, see the Peer Review section of Editor Resources.

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