October 7, 2015 | Siobhan Aldridge, Editorial Systems Coordinator

New author submission interface for ScholarOne

Taylor & Francis are pleased to announce that this October we will be upgrading all of our ScholarOne sites with a new, streamlined author submission interface. This new interface has been extensively tested in beta testing by Taylor & Francis’ Electronic Editorial Systems team, and has been welcomed as an update to the current user interface.

What’s new?

Previous user interface:

Updated user interface:

Features of the new user interface

  • Enhanced submission experience in a rich, modern user interface
  • Larger fonts and brighter colours to improve usability across the author submission process

  • Contextual instructions. A useful symbol will now appear beside various parts of the submission process, with additional instructions specific to that section of the submission:

  • Addition of keywords has improved. Those journals with a pre-established list of keywords will benefit from a type ahead option, which will suggest matches to the author as they type:

The option to select from the full list remains available too:

  • Addition of Authors has been simplified and streamlined:

Authors can still search for their co-author within the journal database, and create an account for them if none is found.

The new interface uses modal windows rather than pop ups to give a clear indication of what is required from the user, making co-author addition much more straightforward. Modal windows are similar to pop ups, yet remain within the existing page to ensure they have the full attention of the user and are not lost behind the main window. Modals provide a clear indication to the user of the step’s sub-tasks, while keeping the form uncluttered. This new method of entry for co-authors also renders previous issues with authors not being saved correctly obsolete:

  • Once authors are added they can easily be re-ordered by clicking and dragging:

  • Funding Question

Author funder information is now collected later in the submission process, adding greater continuity. Similar to other items in the new submission process, funders will now be selected via a modal window. To activate this modal, the author clicks the ‘Add Funder’ button. From here, the addition of funders works very much like prior versions of ScholarOne Manuscripts, allowing authors to locate funders from the FundRef database.


  • File Uploads

The process for uploading individual files will remain similar, with multiple file selection buttons and the ability to select a field designation for each upload.

Authors providing figures, images, and tables will now have the option to enter caption and link text prior to upload as well as after. Upon upload these authors will also be provided with a thumbnail image of each file to help them recognize and organize them easily. The dropdown in the Actions ‘column’ offers authors the option to remove the file from the submission or edit the files metadata.

If you have any queries about this update please contact your Editorial Systems Coordinator at Taylor & Francis.

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