May 2, 2017 | Dr Franco Impellizzeri and Dr Tim Meyer, co-Editors-in-Chief, Science and Medicine in Football

Meet the Editors: Science and Medicine in Football

Q&A with Dr Franco Impellizzeri and Dr Tim Meyer

Dr Meyer and Dr ImpellizzeriDr. Franco Impellizzeri is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Lower Limbs Clinical Outcome Unit at the Schulthess Clinic in Switzerland. Dr. Tim Meyer is a Professor for Sports and Preventive Medicine at Saarland University in Germany. They are the co-Editors-in-Chief of the new journal Science and Medicine in Football, now published by Taylor & Francis. We caught up with Dr. Impellizzeri and Dr. Meyer about the journal, the field of sports science, and the challenges of launching a new journal.

About the editors

What’s your field of expertise?

Dr Impellizzeri: Sport science, orthopaedics, and research methods.

Dr. Meyer: Exercise physiology, football research, gas exchange during exercise, recovery and fatigue (diagnostics and interventions).


About the journal

How would you sum up Science and Medicine in Football in a sentence?

Dr. Impellizzeri: The unique football dedicated scientific journal trying to cover the gap between research and practice.

Dr. Meyer: Science and Medicine in Football is the only world-wide scientific peer-reviewed journal devoted solely to football.

How does the journal contribute to knowledge and understanding in your field?

Science and Medicine in Football creates a platform for the growing number of football researchers. We take care that it is focused on applications, which ensures that practitioners can also benefit. Also, our rubric “Point – Counterpoint” tries to address the most recent “hot topics”.

Where do you see the journal in ten years’ time?

With the given increase in football-related research, we see the journal level with leading journals in the sport science and sports medicine field. We may not produce ten or twelve issues per year, but we can collect relevant original football research with high impact – and this is likely to be frequently cited.


About the research field

What are the key emerging research topics in your field?

Load management, concussion and headers, match analysis, injury prevention, and individualization of training.

What does sport science mean to you?

Sport science covers everything related to scientific aspects of exercise for performance and health, with a particular attention on applications. It is a cross-sectional sector with very different sub-disciplines and differing traditions and methodologies. This is why we confined the focus of the journal mainly to natural science.

What has been the most revolutionary development in sport science in the last decade?

Match analysis tools (GPS, LPS), training load monitoring, and wearables have all been significant recent developments in sport science.


About everything else…

What have you found the greatest challenge in launching a new journal?

Attracting good researchers to submit their manuscripts when there is currently no Impact Factor, and the journal is not on PubMed. Managing high-quality review without losing too many authors is also a challenge.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with your fellow editors about being a journal editor?

Dr. Impellizzeri: To take care of the quality of papers published in the journal with more administrative rejection.

Dr. Meyer: Our character as a regular supplement of an established journal (Journal of Sports Sciences) for some years was a good way to test the journal´s potential before launching it.

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