December 12, 2013 | Laird Barrett, eProduct Manager


Bringing geosemantic search to Taylor & Francis Online

JournalMap is what’s called a geosemantic search tool. It’s an interactive map across which users can browse and filter to discover journal articles that have been added to the map, based on the geographical locations and information in the article. You can see the JournalMap yourself here (best viewed in IE9 or above, Firefox or Chrome). The JournalMap co-founder, Jason Karl, a research ecologist at New Mexico State University, has recently written in BioScience about why the tool is so useful for ecologists.

Spurred on by Taylor & Francis Publisher Vicki Donald, who first met with the JournalMap co-founders, we’ve been working with Jason to help him and his team develop the JournalMap by providing them with the XML for articles from three journals - The Journal of Natural History, South African Journal of Plant and Soil, and Studies in Neotropical Fauna and Environment - so that they can parse geographical locations and information from the articles and index them on the JournalMap, linking to the articles on Taylor & Francis Online.

Jason and his lead developer, Ty Montgomery, presented JournalMap at the STM Innovations Seminar on December 4. They also came to Milton Park that week to show us the new version of JournalMap, JournalMap 2.0, and talk to us about their experiences with indexing articles on the JournalMap and where they hope to take JournalMap in the future. We’re interested in working with JournalMap because their tool offers a new, useful way for our users to browse and discover Taylor & Francis articles, helping to drive increased usage and citations.

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