February 11, 2015 | Elaine Devine, Communications Manager (Author Relations)

Introducing Taylor & Francis Editing Services

Supporting authors before submission

We regularly receive queries from researchers around the world asking “Can you recommend a good language polishing service?” or “Do you know a company that will translate my paper for me?” Whether you are in Beijing or Boston, Brisbane or Birmingham, the need for effective editing services seems to be growing. So, to further develop the support we offer authors at all stages of their careers, Taylor & Francis has collaborated with Research Square to launch our new Editing Services.

Offering English language editing, translation (from Chinese, Spanish, or Portuguese into English, and from English into Chinese, Spanish, or Portuguese), manuscript formatting, and figure preparation, Taylor & Francis Editing Services offers high-quality manuscript editing alongside language expertise and a deep knowledge of the author's subject area.

All the editors provided by Research Square are active researchers from the most reputable universities, who undergo a rigorous selection process and have extensive training to ensure they can effectively edit and work with papers from international scholars. Also included is a quick turnaround (detailed with each service), different service levels depending on need, and (very importantly) clear pricing.

So what is the benefit for journal editors? Individual journals can now direct queries on language polishing, translation needs, formatting, or figure preparation to www.tandfeditingservices.com, safe in the knowledge that each of the services meets the high standards expected of journal submissions. Whilst Taylor & Francis Editing Services can never guarantee acceptance of a paper, it can take the headache out of preparing a paper for submission, wherever you are in the world.

Find out more about Taylor & Francis Editing Services.

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