October 21, 2014 | Elaine Roberts, Marketing Executive

Introducing regional free-access months

Taylor & Francis has launched a new initiative which will offer free access to journal content for all researchers in a number of selected countries. As well as providing a great opportunity for scholars, we hope this will help to strengthen partnerships in key regions and increase awareness of our journal brands. Initially, we are offering all users in Spain free access in October and those in Saudi Arabia access throughout October and November.

Access is granted via regional identification, which means Taylor & Francis Online automatically recognizes a customer coming from Spain or Saudi Arabia and grants them online access. The only requirement is that users need to register for a free account on Taylor & Francis Online.

To alert researchers to this opportunity, emails in Spanish and Arabic have been sent to our contacts in the regions. Many others will hear about the offer from our adverts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We have already received very positive feedback from recipients, various mentions on social media, and endorsements from editors and board members in those countries.


Do you live in Spain or Saudi Arabia? Follow the links below to make the most of your free access! If you live outside these countries but have peers within the regions, please do let them know about this fantastic opportunity.

Regional free access  - Spain

Regional free access – Saudi Arabia

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