April 30, 2018 | Rachel Winfield, Communications Executive

How to build an online community for your journal

Introducing the Social Media Guide for Journal Editors

Social media is an amazing tool for journal editors. You can use it to raise the profile of your journal, promote your content, and engage with your online community. That’s why many editors are using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to create an online identity for their journal. Before you do the same, however, you need to have a plan.

You need a well thought-out social media strategy to reach the right audience with the right messages to make an impact. But how do you create that strategy? Simple, follow these three steps.

Step 1: Download the Social Media Guide for Journal Editors

Our team of social media experts have created a guide that takes you through each step of your social media journey.  So, whatever your level of expertise, we've got you covered, including:

  • Planning for the right audience and the right platform
  • Building your online community
  • Crafting compelling posts
  • Maintaining and managing your account

Therefore, your first step is to download your free copy of the Social Media Guide for Journal Editors:

Social media guide for journal editors: building your online community

Also available in Japanese here:

Japanese Social Media Guide for Journal Editors cover

Step 2: Find out what the experts do from our #TFGoSocial Twitter event

We recently hosted a Twitter chat on @TandFEditors on how journals can use social media. During the event, social media experts and social savvy journal editors gave us their insights. So your next step is to review the whole event on our #TFGoSocial Moment.

TL; DR Top tips for using social media to build your online community

If you want the highlights, you certainly want to check out our panel's number one tips for success on social media:

  • Invest resources and assign responsibilities on your social media plan. In practice, this means money for time, and money for tools such as @Buffer @Hootsuite @altmetric
    - Tepi McLaughlin, Social Media Co-ordinator for Journal of Sports Sciences, @JSportsSci
  • Use great images with a simple message – by nature, journal articles are often complex and the titles can be impenetrable – even for the well-informed!
    - Miles Richardson, Multimedia and Social Media Editor for Ergonomics, @Ergonomics1957
  • Listen to the advice of experienced and successful social media editors. Also, engage with great ideas and people, and your audience will grow organically.
    - Emma Maguire, Social Media Editor for Life Writing, @LifeWritingJnl
  • You need to remember the SOCIAL part of social media.
    - Bethany Farr, Social Media Manager at Taylor & Francis, @TandFAuthorServ
  • Most journals will have an accidental presence on social media anyway, people are going to tweet and blog about your articles no matter what. Journals should take the opportunity to engage with interested audiences!
    - Euan Adie, founder of @Altmetric

Step 3: Make the most of our Social Media Toolkit

For more advice about social media and building your online community, you can also explore our online toolkit here on Editor Resources:

Do you have any examples of social media best practice to share with other editors? Tweet us @tandfeditors and check out #tfgosocial for insights from our community.

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