April 30, 2018 | Rachel Winfield, Communications Executive

How to build an online community for your journal

Introducing the Social Media Guide for Journal Editors

Social media is an amazing tool for raising the profile of your journal, promoting your content, and engaging with your community. It's unsurprising that many editors are creating an online identity for their journal on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. However, without effective planning and a clear strategy, it's hard to ensure that your messages are reaching the right audience.

Our team of social media experts have built an extensive resource to guide you through each step of your social media journey. Whether you need help planning your journal's online presence and growing your following, or maintaining your account and engaging with your audience, we've got you covered!

Download your free copy of the Social Media Guide for Journal Editors now:

Also available in Japanese here:

Japanese Social Media Guide for Journal Editors cover

Top tips from social media experts at our #TFGoSocial Twitter event

We recently hosted a Twitter chat about how journals can use social media over on our @TandFEditors account. Social media experts from across the publishing industry joined us for this great event:

  • Euan Adie, founder of @Altmetric
  • Miles Richardson, Multimedia and Social Media Editor for Ergonomics, @Ergonomics1957
  • Tepi McLaughlin, Social Media Co-ordinator for Journal of Sports Sciences, @JSportsSci
  • Emma Maguire, Social Media Editor for Life Writing, @LifeWritingJnl
  • Bethany Farr, Social Media Manager at Taylor & Francis, @TandFAuthorServ

Catch up on the event highlights by browsing our #TFGoSocial Moment on Twitter for a full-run down of the best answers from our amazing panel. For a flavour of the discussion, check out their final words of wisdom from the day:

Social Media Toolkit

For more advice about social media, explore our online toolkit right here on Editor Resources:

Do you have any examples of social media best practice to share with other editors? Tweet us @tandfeditors and don’t forget to tune in to our Twitter chat with the hashtag #tfgosocial to hear insights from our amazing panel of experts.

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