November 17, 2015 | Cait Morgan, Assistant Editor for Child Care in Practice

How I use Author Services and Editor Resources

As assistant editor of a multi-disciplinary journal I am faced with many weird and wonderful questions from authors, reviewers, and fellow editors. Here are some ways in which I use the information on Taylor & Francis’ Author Services and Editor Resources in my day-to-day work.


Once in a while a member of our peer review panel will come to me with a question I can’t answer right away. I have used the Editor Resources for a quick answer to questions on ethics or conflicts of interest (for example, how to ensure transparency around consent from participants). I also read this section for advice on managing the peer review system, including how best to maintain a dependable panel of reviewers.


The editorial board of Child Care in Practice is constantly working to raise the profile of the journal and regularly discuss impact and usage, for which there is a whole section on the Editor Resources site. Guest editors working on special issues sometimes need more fundamental advice on the peer review system and how to manage publication deadlines. Tips on using ScholarOne Manuscripts are invaluable too (such as setting search preferences – a recent discovery for me and such a time saver).


Author Services is a brilliant resource for first-time authors. A lot of our contributors come from practice backgrounds and are not experienced in writing for a journal. It can be a pretty daunting task putting pen to paper for the first time, even when you know your field inside out. We run regular workshops for new writers and the Author Services website has become a useful additional resource.

What do practitioners need to help them write their first journal article?

Support, support, support. I can’t stress it enough. An author that is supported along the way, from writing to the review process, to revising the paper, will have a positive experience regardless of the outcome. They will be more likely to submit a paper in future and will be more confident about navigating the review and production process.

It’s not just first-time authors that need support. Authors from outside the UK often need assistance with translation and even the most experienced authors can have tricky questions around copyright, for example. I can often answer this type of query quite quickly using the online resources from Taylor and Francis.

Top Tips

  • One of the best tips I’ve found from Author Services has been advice on self-promotion – helping authors to share their work and be their own advocate benefits everyone.
  • On a personal note, I like to read the News and Ideas section of Editor Resources to get tips on managing the review process, using social media, measuring impact, and much more. Sometimes it helps just to read that others are faced with the same challenges as I am!
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