December 5, 2017 | Lan Murdock, Communications Manager

Highlights from our Scholarly Summit event in Washington

We recently hosted a Scholarly Summit event for journal editors and society representatives based in the US and Canada. The event offered the opportunity to discuss the key issues facing journal editors and learned societies, and network with industry leaders and innovators, fellow editors, early career researchers, learned society representatives, and Taylor & Francis colleagues.

View our highlights video from our Scholarly Summit event to experience the day. The video was recorded at the United States Institute of Peace on 8 November, 2017.

To give you a taste of how the day unfolded and what topics were covered, you can view our interactive hub (below), featuring pictures, presentation slides and posters from our prestigious speakers, editor representatives and Taylor & Francis colleagues.

Click on the hotspots on the image above to view the resources, and find inspiration from others’ experience and tips.

Were you there? Let us know your highlights from the event by tweeting @tandfeditors and including #ScholarlySummit.

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