November 8, 2017 | Victoria Farrimond, Journals Development Coordinator

Getting your research into parliament

A how-to guide from Taylor & Francis

As a journal editor, you get to see stacks of new research in your field: some work will be fresh and exciting, whereas other articles build on existing work. As you develop in your role, you will quickly be able to identify high quality papers that demonstrate value in your research area, and pick up on those that could make an impact in the wider community. But have you ever considered that the research published in your journal could one day make it into parliament and shape laws and policies? After all, what greater impact could a paper have than helping to inform the rules that govern our country?


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A how-to guide from Taylor & Francis

Our colleagues over at our Author Services site have put together a useful visual guide (right) to demonstrate the paths you and your authors could take to get research into parliament, along with an accompanying post to highlight the benefits that could have for researchers and the public.


What are the benefits for editors?

  • Greater exposure of your journal and its research, potentially leading to increased impact.
  • The opportunity to shape government policy and laws.
  • Opening your journal up to a wider audience, even the general public.
  • Potential press coverage following parliamentary discussions and debates.


Interested in finding out more? Head over to the post on Author Services.

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