June 1, 2015 | Suzannah Downie, Peer Review Coordinator

Expert exports – ensuring efficient and accurate exporting of final manuscripts to Production

Inspired by frequently asked questions from editors, our dedicated EES (Electronic Editorial Systems) team share their top tips on getting the best out of your peer review management system. In this post, how do you ensure efficient and accurate exporting of final manuscripts to Production? Read on. 

Ensuring that accepted papers make their way smoothly to the production team can prevent many issues further down the line. It can also significantly improve the time it takes for accepted papers to be published. Below is a list of simple tips that can help make the transition of papers from peer review to production as painless as possible:

  • The production team always need to know who the authors of the paper are so they can ensure that all authors are correctly acknowledged when the paper is published and that all authors receive eprints. Please check that the manuscript you are sending to production contains all relevant author details and institutions. If the manuscript does not, be sure to include a separate title page in the export.
  • All files sent to production must also be fully editable so the production team can work on the paper. If the author has submitted a PDF for the review process, please ensure that you request editable source files from the author and upload these to the submission system before sending the paper to Production.
  • Please check the data supplied by the author in the system and then compare this with the details provided within the manuscript itself. Are all authors correctly listed in both places, and do the titles match? Any discrepancies here may result in the paper being returned by the production team.
  • In order to minimize the risk of a previous version of the paper being published, please make sure that only one final copy of the full accepted paper is sent to Production. This should be the accepted version in its most recent form.
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