November 26, 2014 | Charles Whalley, Publishing Editor, Biological & Food Science Journals

Enhancing supplemental material with Figshare

Since February 2014, Taylor & Francis has been partnering with Figshare to enhance the discoverability and display of supplemental material. On an initial trial of 139 science and technology journals, authors saw their supplemental material on Taylor & Francis Online displayed through the innovative Figshare widget.


The benefits of the Figshare widget for authors and readers are clear, whether showing maps of mythical creaturesvideos of protein interactions,or Excel models of cost calculations. There are no restrictions on file size or type for authors; as well as the more obvious examples such as videos or images, the widget allows datasets, graphs, or even KML files to be instantly viewable within the supplemental tab on Taylor & Francis Online. The reader can then choose whether they wish to download the file, to share it via social media, or even to cite the supplemental material via its own DOI. Any material sent to Taylor & Francis for one of these journals is automatically deposited with Figshare. As well as helping to ensure its preservation, this increases the discoverability of supplemental material and any associated articles, as readers are able to search within Figshare. The widget even tracks individual metrics for each piece of supplemental material, making it easy to see how much they have been used.

The initial trial has seen considerable success. For the first three quarters of 2014, supplemental material was viewed in the Figshare widget more than 20,000 times. At the time of writing, more than 3,300 pieces of supplemental material have been deposited in Figshare through Taylor & Francis journals. In order to realize the benefits of Figshare for more authors, we’d like to see this number increase. One way to do this is of course by encouraging authors to include supplemental material with their article (if appropriate) in the first place. We are also now working on incorporating more journals within our partnership with Figshare.

If you think you would like your journal to opt in to using Figshare, please speak with your Taylor & Francis editorial contact.

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