February 15, 2017 | Tom Murden, Editorial Systems Coordinator

Editorial Manager update: template letters for reviewers

More options when inviting reviewers beyond original submissions

Editorial Manager will soon be releasing their new version (13.1) - and with it there are a number of new features. One of these features is of particularly relevant to how editors will conduct the peer-review process, namely the ability to choose from more than one default letter when inviting reviewers to review a manuscript.

One of the key features of Editorial Manager is its ability to host task dependent emails that support the editor with their administrative responsibilities, as well as streamlining the process from submission to publication. A good example of this is are the default, template emails that are set up to invite reviewers to review a manuscript.

Up until the new Editorial Manager release, only one default invitation could be set up to invite reviewers to review a paper at any stage – e.g. an original or revised submission – and the email would be comprised of generic text and manuscript specific information that would be pulled through by tags that are set up in the template emails. In EM version 13.1, all of the ‘Reviewer Assigned’ events (‘Reviewer Invited’, ‘Reviewer Assigned’, ‘Reviewer Agree’, and ‘Promote Alternate Reviewers’) can have three default letters associated with them based on whether the submission is original (R0), a revision (R1+), or a revision if the reviewer has reviewed a previous version.


Interested? The next steps

  • To add these new letters to each task, journal editors must get in touch with their Editorial Manager contact here at T&F with the content of the emails they would like to add to the system.
  • If you are not privy to the existing template, you can request a version from your Editorial Manager contact.
  • If you have any questions regarding the new feature, please get in touch with me: thomas.murden@tandf.co.uk.
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