December 20, 2017 | V. Harini, Journals Peer Review Editor

Do you know about the Doc-to-Doc Comparison feature in Crossref Similarity Check?

Earlier this year, Crossref Similarity Check introduced a new feature – Doc-to-Doc Comparison – which allows users to directly compare a manuscript against another document that may not be in the Crossref Similarity Check database.

Crossref Similarity Check, comparison detection software powered by iThenticate, offers the screening of manuscripts for content similarity to other published work. Once a manuscript is submitted to the iThenticate software, it is run against the Crossref Similarity Check database and general web content crawled (browsed) by the database to return a similarity score and report. Although the software generates a comprehensive similarity report, the results are restricted to the content included or crawled by the database.

The Doc-to-Doc Comparison tool enables users to check for similarity to sources that may not be indexed in the Crossref Similarity Check database, or are yet unpublished, and hence might not be picked up when the submission is run against the Crossref database by iThenticate.

The new feature allows users to compare a primary manuscript document against a maximum of five comparison documents of their choice.

It is worth noting that the submitted comparison documents will be not be indexed in the database when doing so, and will not be searchable against any future submissions.

The results yield an overall similarity index against the uploaded comparison documents, and individual similarity indices against each document.

The introduction of Doc-to-Doc Comparison was accompanied by two additional enhancements on iThenticate –

  1. Increase in the maximum file size that can be uploaded to 100MB
  2. The ability to now check PowerPoint files and Excel files on iThenticate

If you suspect or are alerted to an instance of similarity overlap in a paper submitted to your journal and would like to request the manuscript is run through a Doc-to-Doc comparison or a general Crossref search, please contact your T&F Managing Editor.

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