March 9, 2015 | David Burgoyne, Head of Digital Product Management

CrossMark on Taylor & Francis Online

The CrossMark identification service from CrossRef gives researchers the information they need to verify that they are using the most recent and reliable versions of a document. This is a service that Taylor & Francis has rolled out to every one of its journals.

Simply by clicking on the CrossMark logo within the HTML or PDF of the article, researchers can see whether any updates are available and, if there are, users are provided with a direct link to any associated article such as corrigenda or errata:

Taylor & Francis has also integrated FundRef, the industry standard from CrossRef to report funding sources for published scholarly research. The FundRef registry has been integrated with our peer-review submission systems to ensure accurate capture of funding details right from the initial point of submission. For all newly published articles, researchers can clearly and easily see whether it has received funding and where that funding is from, simply by opening the CrossMark.

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