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Crossref Similarity Check

Crossref Similarity Check, powered by iThenticate, is an initiative designed to help publishers actively engage in efforts to prevent scholarly misconduct, and specifically unattributed copying of previously published work. Crossref Similarity Check has a continually expanding database of current and archival scholarly literature allowing in-system access to the relevant full-text literature to screen manuscripts against.

This database of scholarly work is one of two parts that make up the Crossref Similarity Check service. The second part is the iThenticate tool which compares authored work against the content in the database, and highlights matching or similar text for further editorial review.  iThenticate is an Internet-based content verification system that allows users to submit papers to be checked for unattributed copying. Documents can be compared side by side with matches highlighted for text comparison.

Crossref Similarity Check is a powerful tool but, while the software checks submissions against a large database of articles, it cannot replace the knowledge and experience of reviewers in assessing papers.

Taylor & Francis journal editors can send manuscripts to their Managing Editor for a Crossref Similarity Check report if there are any concerns raised about the originality of the text used within a paper. The Managing Editor will then send the journal editor a summary of any matches that Crossref Similarity Check has found.

For more information on publication ethics please see here.

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