March 10, 2016 | Claire Doffegnies, Journals Development Coordinator

Being an editor: the joys and challenges

In a nutshell

Journal editors play a crucial role in the publication process, overseeing all editorial aspects. She or he demonstrates vision, leadership, and creativity. She or he agrees and establishes a mission for the journal with Taylor & Francis – explicit in the journal’s Aims & Scope – and then executes that mission through soliciting, commissioning, reviewing, and developing high quality articles and ensuring these are delivered in final and complete form, to agreed deadlines.  (Contact your Managing Editor for a full role guide.)

But, moving beyond this nutshell overview of the role, what is it like to be an editor on a day-to-day basis? What are some of the joys and challenges in the role? And how do we support our editors at Taylor & Francis? Find out below.

The joys  

“I love seeing the journal grow, working with the editorial team (who are all wonderful people), and finding out there is so much great research going on in the leisure studies field.”

-Neil Carr, Editor, Annals of Leisure Research

“I think the two main things in terms of benefitting me editing the journal are about keeping on top of my field of research. Also I think meeting new scholars, new generations of scholars over time”

-John Solomos, Editor, Ethnic and Racial Studies

“The journal is teaching me what is happening in the social sciences, drawing my attention to topics that are trending.”

-David Canter, Editor, Contemporary Social Science

“I have been doing my job for 22 years, and I have seen it grow from a 200 person subscriber journal to being one of the best used of the development titles list”

-Caroline Sweetman, Editor, Gender & Development

The challenges

“Often it’s a fairly isolated experience”

-Catherine Harper, Editor, Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture

"Attracting quality publications"

-David Canter, Editor, Contemporary Social Science

"Authors not citing appropriate references"

-Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, Editor-in-Chief, IETE Technical Review

"Recruiting and retaining referees"

-Peter Gilroy, Editor, Journal of Education for Teaching

Tune into our editor playlist on youtube to hear more great editor insights.

Support for you

We want to support you through your time as an editor, and work with you to make your journal the best that it can be. In need of some guidance? Here are some of the ways you can find support as a Taylor & Francis journal editor.

Talk to your publishing team

From our network of global offices, Taylor & Francis staff provide local expertise and support to our editors. Whether you’re starting a new title or developing an existing one, you can rely on advice and guidance that’ll help keep you in tune with your research communities for years to come. Talk to your publishing team for guidance and support in your role.

Use Editor Resources and Author Services

From managing your journal to raising its profile, open access to publishing ethics, find the information you need on Editor Resources, our site dedicated to journal editors. On the go? You can sign-up to our weekly content alerts, and tune into @TandFEditors for the latest news and updates from Editor Resources.

Don’t miss the Editor Resources topical newsletters. Need tips on maximizing impact, making peer review work, or handling publishing ethics? Look no further. Our Editor Resources newsletters share tips and insights into key discussion areas. Next issue on being a journal editor is out soon – watch this space.

Don’t forget to bookmark our Author Services website. As a journal editor, you’ll be working with researchers looking to publish their work in a Taylor & Francis or Routledge journal on an (almost) daily basis, and this can be an invaluable tool for answering all those ‘weird and wonderful questions’ from authors, reviewers, or fellow editors.

Attend an Editor Round Table

We run regular round tables for our editors around the world. These events provide journal editors with opportunities to network with fellow editors, learn about the latest developments and initiatives at Taylor & Francis, and discuss all things journal publishing. We will be running events like this next year, and we encourage you to come along.

"Thank you very much for today’s excellent round table. The emphasis on peer review and social media was particularly valuable, and being able to share information and problems with other editors was extremely useful."

-Professor Glenda Abramson, Editor, Journal of Modern Jewish Studies

"Thanks @TandFEditors for UK #EditorRound Table today. Lots of new ideas for #JDisSoc. Watch this space!"
-Disability & Society (via Twitter on @JDisSoc)

Find out more about our Editor Round Tables here.

Make the most of book discount for editors

Did you know we currently offer 30% discount for editors, board members and reviewers on Taylor & Francis books? Contact your Managing Editor for information on how to claim this.

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