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Are you the next editor of the Journal of Cultural Geography?

Journal of Cultural Geography call for editor

Are you the next editor of the Journal of Cultural Geography? The journal is inviting applications for the position of editor. Apply today!

About the journal

The Journal of Cultural Geography (JCG) is a lively journal providing an international forum for scholarly research devoted to the spatial aspects of human groups, their activities, associated landscapes, and other cultural phenomena. With a suite of high quality full-length research articles, interpretive essays and book reviews, the Journal of Cultural Geography remains an indispensable resource both within and beyond the academic community.

The journal’s audience includes specialists from geography, ethnic studies, history, historic preservation, landscape ecology, sociology, tourism studies, urban planning, popular culture, and other cognate fields.

The journal publishes fully peer-reviewed research articles (7,500 words), which make a substantial contribution to understandings of the making and meanings of place, space, landscape, and environment through studies that explore the beliefs, identities, practices, institutions, and/or processes that shape our material and symbolic worlds. The journal also accepts shorter papers (4,000-5,000 words) in the form of dialogues or debates on salient topics, as well as innovative, imaginative, and unconventional essays for the Creative Mappings section.

A programme of thematic issues allows for a sustained focus upon specialist, current topics which are of major importance to the journal’s aims.

Job description

We are seeking an editor to work collaboratively with the existing editorial team, and the publisher to coordinate the publication process, overseeing all editorial aspects from submission to final publication. The editor will be supported by the editorial board and Routledge, who will in turn coordinate the activities of in-house editorial, production, marketing, sales, and distribution staff.

The editor will demonstrate vision, leadership, and creativity, and agree to execute the mission of the journal through soliciting, commissioning, reviewing, and developing articles and other features of the highest quality, and ensure these are delivered to Routledge to agreed deadlines.

The successful candidate will have a handover period with the existing editor, Alyson L. Greiner, who will be formally stepping down at the end of 2016, by which time the new editor will be in place.

Key tasks

The tasks to be undertaken will include but are not be limited to:

  • Day-to-day manuscript management including: desk screening of submissions, identifying and inviting suitable reviewers, ensuring timely reviews and recommendations are received, read, summarize and base judgements about acceptance, rejection or revision on referees’ reports, and communicate this in writing to authors within a reasonable period of time.
  • Take responsibility for identifying strategies to enhance the quality and reputation of the journal, particularly with relation to its citation levels, and readership/circulation.
  • Work with Routledge and the editorial board to develop the editorial strategy and direction of the journal, and to act as ambassador for the journal.
  • Commission special issues and assign topical guest editors.
  • Attend conferences relevant to the journal annually.
  • Manage and appoint editorial board members in line with the journal and Routledge’s policies in terms of size, subject specialisms and geographical representation.
  • Organize a minimum of one editorial board meeting annually, also attended by Routledge.

Application procedure

Click here for further information including instructions for applicants.

Further information

You can find out more about the role of a Taylor & Francis journal editor by tuning into our Editor playlist, where you can listen to interviews with some of our current journal editors, and hear discussion from our Editor Round Table events.

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