June 12, 2018 | Rachel Winfield, Communications Executive

A guide to research metrics

Download our simple guide to research metrics for journal editors, researchers, and librarians.

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What’s a journal Impact Factor?

How is the Impact Factor calculated?

What’s a researcher’s h-index?

How should I use this to assess a journal or find the right journal for me to publish in?

These are just some of the regular questions we get asked on research metrics, from researchers across the world. So, from the Impact Factor to an Altmetric Attention Score, Eigenfactor to the h-index, we’ve gathered together a simple guide to research metrics for journal editors, researchers and librarians.

This updated introduction features a simple guide to the most commonly used metrics, including how they are calculated. It also offers tips on how to use any research metric plus resources to explore a little deeper, including some of the latest research from across Taylor & Francis and Routledge journals, and a panel discussion on research metrics and recognition from one of our most recent Scholarly Summits (with speakers from Clarivate Analytics, Wizdom AI and Altmetric).

Go to the Research metrics guide now.

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