January 2, 2014 | Leila Jones, Publishing Manager - Journal Development

What is Kudos?

Taylor & Francis are pleased to be continuing our partnership with Kudos - a new service that helps researchers and their institutions/funders to measure, monitor and maximize the visibility and impact of their published articles. The Kudos initiative fits very well with T&F’s wider support for authors and their institutions and so we are excited to have been involved from the early stages of development.

Kudos builds on three core principles:

  • that readers are increasingly struggling to filter the growing quantity of published research;
  • that information which supports filtering – such as lay summaries and impact statements – often exists but is not made public;
  • and that authors are best placed to increase awareness and impact of their work, but don't always know how to do this. Kudos provides a platform for assembling or creating information to help filtering, for sharing information to drive discovery, and for measuring and monitoring the effect of both activities.

Watch this space for more information about how we are working with Kudos and how you can get involved.

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