September 19, 2017 | James Hardcastle, Research Manager

Last week's top articles

Last week’s top five Taylor & Francis Online articles (recorded by Altmetric)

The Altmetric score represents the attention an article has received. The table shows the overall score for each article, displayed in real time in the Altmetric donut. The colors around the edge indicate the sources referring to the article. Click on the donuts to find out more about the activity relating to the individual articles.

Overall scoreArticle details
How food companies influence evidence and opinion – straight from the horse’s mouth Critical Public Health
Severe asthma: anti-IgE or anti-IL-5? European Clinical Respiratory Journal
Toward sport reform: hegemonic masculinity and reconceptualizing competition Journal of the Philosophy of Sport
Ceremonious politeness in consuming food in VFR tourism: scale development (在旅游中消费食物的正式礼仪礼貌: 规模发展) The Service Industries Journal
Marijuana use patterns and sleep among community-based young adults Journal of Addictive Diseases

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