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September 29, 2017 | Emma Cianchi, Communications Executive

Fit for the future: the science and art of research communication

A Taylor & Francis Scholarly Summit

Taylor & Francis will be holding a Scholarly Summit event for journal editors and society representatives based in the US and Canada. The event offers the opportunity to discuss the key issues facing journal editors and learned societies, and network with industry leaders and innovators, fellow editors, early career researchers, learned society representatives, and Taylor & Francis colleagues.
July 18, 2016 | Andy Nobes Programme Officer, Research Development and Support at INASP

AuthorAID mentoring - providing a helping hand to developing country researchers

In many lower and lower-middle income countries, researchers often don’t have the access to the resources and training in research writing and publishing that we can take for granted in the US and UK. This is where AuthorAID mentors can provide an important role, using their skills and experience to guide less experienced researchers through the challenges of publishing and communicating their research. We are continually looking to increase the number of volunteer mentors on our system to help meet a growing demand.
April 19, 2016 | Claire Doffegnies Journals Development Coordinator

The role of a journal editor

Our latest Editor Resources newsletter

Are you a new journal editor? Or a seasoned editor looking for fresh ideas and insights? Perhaps you are a reviewer wanting to find out more about the role of an editor, or an author keen to edit a journal in the future. Whatever your story, read our latest Editor Resources newsletter for information, news and tips. In this issue, we focus on the role of a journal editor.
January 12, 2016 | Elaine Devine Senior Communications Manager (Author Relations)

Developing the Conversazione on the issues and challenges facing today’s early career researchers

How to ‘publish and thrive’?

An evening of lively discussion heralded the second ‘Conversazione’, on early career researchers and the issues and challenges they face as they look to become published authors, build their reputations and, in turn, careers. Follow the discussion and share your experiences – we want to hear from you.
April 14, 2015 | Maryanne Dever Co-Editor of Australian Feminist Studies & Lisa Adkins Co-Editor of Australian Feminist Studies

Journal mentoring scheme

Securing the future of your journal

Can launching a mentoring scheme for new writers help us to connect with emerging scholars who may not yet know the journal and generate some innovative and exciting contributions from early-career academics?
September 24, 2014 | Ken Jones Managing Editor, Professional Development in Education

What I wish I’d known when I first started editing a journal

If you want a journal to grow, you can’t do it alone

Professional Development in Education began its life 40 years ago as the British Journal of In-service Education, run by a small, close-knit team who encouraged “practitioner” contributions as well as articles emerging from academic research. In those days a team of about six editors read every article and each was discussed fully at Editorial Boards before a decision was made. This was one of the best professional learning environments I've been involved in and it highlighted the fact that academics disagree.