February 17, 2015 | Claire Doffegnies, Journals Development Coordinator

Recognizing reviewers

At Taylor & Francis, we recognize that peer reviewers play an integral role in journal publication. Reviewers invest a huge amount of their time and knowledge in the peer-review process, and as such, we think it’s important to say “thanks.” Read on to find out what we have put in place to show our appreciation …

Reviewer certificate

We’ve created a certificate of recognition to serve as a formal acknowledgment of a reviewer’s role in the peer-review process of a journal. Reviewers can request the certificate from their Taylor & Francis contact, which they can present to employers, their institution, or simply hang on the office wall! A reviewer confirmation letter is also available upon request.

Free access

Making reviewers feel valued and supported within their role is paramount to ensuring the ongoing success of the journals published by Taylor & Francis.

Many of our journals now enable peer reviewers to enjoy 30 days’ free access to Taylor & Francis journal content upon agreeing to review. This provides reviewers with resources to assist in the creation of quality reviews. Ask your Taylor & Francis contact for more information.

“Thanks to reviewers” lists

Reviewers are key to the success of journal and its wider community. This is why many Taylor & Francis journals publish a formal “thank you list” of reviewers in the journal each year. If you don’t already do this and would like to start, talk to your Taylor & Francis contact.

Book discount for reviewers

We are pleased to offer all our reviewers a discount on their purchase of Taylor & Francis Group books (including those under the Routledge, CRC Press, Garland Science, Psychology Press, and Focal Press imprints). Please get in touch with your editorial contact for more details.

Supporting our peer reviewers

We also have a number of resources available to support our reviewers throughout the peer-review process:

Supporting authors, reviewers, and editors through peer review: essential resources

Reviewer guidelines and best practice

What is peer review?

Peer review matters

ScholarOne Manuscripts Optima

And we are always working on new ways of acknowledging the time and effort spent by reviewers. Remember to visit Editor Resources and follow @TandFeditors for the latest news and updates.

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