February 13, 2014 | Elaine Devine, Communications Manager (Author Relations)

Discoverable supplemental content

Authors who publish in Taylor & Francis journals can now see their supplemental content in a new online format, as tables, datasets, filesets, videos, and graphs become instantly viewable on Taylor & Francis Online, easily discoverable from search engines and quickly hosted on Figsharean online repository which enables researchers to securely host, publish, and share all their research.

This innovative service will see journal articles currently in production use the Figshare technology to display supplemental content, making it instantly viewable once readers select the supplemental tab on Taylor & Francis Online. Not only is this content presented in a more engaging format, but it is also easier to share material and track usage through Figshare’s metric functions. Every file uploaded to Figshare will be easily citable (with a DataCite DOI allocated at the point of publication) and will be stored under a Creative Commons license. For every item on Figshare there will also be a link back to its corresponding article on Taylor & Francis Online, so in addition to the supplemental content being more discoverable, the article is too.


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