July 28, 2014 | Zita Balogh, Senior Marketing Manager

Introducing Cogent OA

Cogent OA is a new fully open-access (OA) imprint launched by Taylor & Francis Group to spearhead advances in OA publishing across all fields of scientific and scholarly research.

A fundamental principle at Cogent OA is to bring a truly author-centered service to OA publishing through innovative approaches. We want to help researchers to share their ideas and discoveries as widely and as effectively as possible.

The Cogent OA imprint offers all the traditional services associated with scholarly publishing, such as thorough and inclusive peer review and high-quality online presentation, but will add to these new ideas to help ensure our authors' work has maximum global impact and influence. As part of this aim, Cogent OA will make wide use of the Creative Commons licenses which give authors and researchers considerable freedom to read and reuse the content of scholarly articles.

We are currently researching and developing new functionality to provide authors and readers with information about an article’s impact, not only within their area of research, but also across wider – perhaps even unexpected – areas of science, social science, or the arts.

As part of Taylor & Francis Group, Cogent OA has a rich heritage that places the traditional values and high standards associated with Taylor & Francis and Routledge at its core. Upon these solid foundations we want to embrace new methods and state-of-the-art technology to drive open access forward and position our authors at the cutting edge of innovation in scholarly communications.

The core to Cogent OA is the Cogent Series of journals, launching throughout 2014. The series comprises a group of broad, subject-based, online-only OA journals that each host a range of editorially independent subsections covering each major branch of the wider discipline. Our publications are just the beginning – new services will follow to help join together research ideas, aid collaboration, and inspire authors and readers to make unexpected connections.

The Cogent Series publishes original articles in diverse fields of research:

Cogent Arts & Humanities

Cogent Biology

Cogent Business & Management

Cogent Chemistry

Cogent Economics & Finance

Cogent Education

Cogent Engineering

Cogent Environment Sciences

Cogent Food & Agriculture

Cogent Geoscience

Cogent Mathematics

Cogent Medicine

Cogent Physics

Cogent Psychology

Cogent Social Sciences

Every article we publish is immediately made freely available online, with publication costs covered by an article publishing charge (APC). To celebrate the launch of our journals, most of our APCs are currently waived.

Part of the Cogent OA philosophy is that what happens after publication is as important as what happens before. Our authors’ articles are generally part of a much bigger research story, and it’s our ambition to help authors tell those stories by adding context and personality.

Visit the website - www.CogentOA.com

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