February 4, 2014 | James Hardcastle, Senior Research Executive

Measuring the metrics

During 2013 I gave a 25-minute presentation at the Publishers for Development 2013 Conference in London. This presentation discusses existing journal- and article-level metrics, explaining what they are, what they measure, and also some of the issues around their use.

Starting with the Impact Factor and other citation metrics along with complaints against them such as the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, I then move on to discuss usage and also article-level metrics, followed by the new field of altmetrics and the issues around what they really measure. The next section covers the risks and issues with applying these metrics to research from the global south. The presentation concludes with a discussion of a framework for evaluating and choosing metrics.

Watch the video of the presentation below. There is also a full copy of the slides with detailed notes on the Publishers for Development site.

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