January 17, 2017 | Jodie Bell, Press & Media Relations Manager

Helping your journal hit the headlines in 2017

To mark the start of the new year, the Taylor & Francis Newsroom has a fresh new look. The Newsroom is the home of all books and journals press releases and has just been relaunched with a clean, clutter-free design. It is now much easier for journalists to browse recent releases, find journalist services and locate the content which will help them write their next news story.

T&F newsroom

The relaunch is part of several new developments to press and media relations at Taylor and Francis which will benefit your journal over the coming year and beyond. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. A newly redesigned Newsroom. The new relaunched site is de-cluttered and key information about news releases, journalist services and contact points are easy to locate. Journalists can quickly find the information they need, making it easier for them to feature journal articles in their news pieces.
  2. Tailored services for journalists. Press Pass offers credentialed journalists free access to all 3.5 million + Taylor & Francis journal articles, making it as easy as possible for them to access what they need to write their next news story about your journal. Press Alerts deliver subject-based news alerts to journalist inboxes to highlight the very latest Taylor & Francis press releases.
  3. Timely high-impact press campaigns. We craft timely press campaigns which reach media outlets as breaking stories they will want to cover. We aim to publish press releases before article publication to make sure we are offering the very latest in brand new innovative research to the press.
  4. Wider reach. We now publish many of our press releases in partnership with academic institutions and learned societies, extending the reach of articles even further.

Do you have an article publishing soon in your journal which you think the press will be interested in? Send us more information or contact us to find out more about creating press campaigns for your journal.

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