July 22, 2014 | Elaine Devine, Communications Manager (Author Relations) & Will Frass , Research Executive

Challenges and opportunities facing learned societies

Results of the 2014 Taylor & Francis and ALPSP Learned Society Survey

How do learned societies feel about the future and their place in it? What are the challenges and potential solutions surrounding society membership, financial security, perception, and relevance? What impact (if any) is open access having?

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In today’s academic environment, learned societies face many challenges but also have the opportunity to position themselves as a trusted friend and guide, able to offer advice, support, and networks for researchers. This year’s Learned Society Survey by Taylor & Francis and the Association for Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) explored attitudes amongst societies to a number of key issues. A total of 139 learned societies from around the world responded, giving their views on issues including open access, its opportunities and potential threats; attracting and retaining members; what aspects of their society they would change; and the services provided by publishers.

We hope the findings of this year’s survey will continue to form part of the ongoing discussion on the future of scholarly communication. Read the full survey below and also see the reaction to the survey’s results at events held earlier in the year in London, Brussels, and Washington.

2014 Taylor & Francis Society Survey

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