August 14, 2014 | Lucy Allen, Marketing Executive

Cogent OA promotes accessibility

Cogent OA, a new open-access publisher of peer-reviewed scholarly research, announced at the COASP Asia Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, that all published article PDFs will use the FS Me font, the first typeface specifically designed to support readers with a learning disability.

FS Me was developed by Fontsmith in conjunction with Mencap, the U.K.’s leading charity for those with learning disabilities, to open up more opportunities and aid accessibility. The font was designed in consultation with people with a learning disability, taking into account letter spacing, width, size, shape, and style, with the aim of creating a clear and easy-to-read typeface. Mencap receive a donation for each font license purchased.

“Open access is about the free and unhindered use and reuse of the outputs of academic research. Anyone, anywhere, with access to the Internet can now access high-quality content – but access and accessibility are two very different things. By choosing the FS Me font, Cogent OA is demonstrating a commitment to making vital research information more accessible,” said Bryan Vickery, Director, Cogent OA.

Lloyd Page has a learning disability and he has been a volunteer with Mencap for twenty years:

“I helped to come up with the FS Mencap font. I think it is very accessible and easy to understand for people with a learning disability. It is great that this font will now be used by Cogent OA. It will help other people to read things more clearly which is really important.”

Cogent OA’s mission is to help researchers publish their work for a global audience and discover new and unexpected connections across the wider community. The majority of article accesses are in PDF format – choosing to use FS Me for PDFs is a significant development in making these journals accessible to all readers. The first articles using the typeface have been published in Cogent Economics & Finance, Volume 2 (2014), and can be freely accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Special typeface

About Cogent OA

Cogent OA is an open-access publisher of scholarly research committed to offering a truly author-centered service. Our aim is to help researchers share their ideas and discoveries as widely and as effectively as possible.

We offer all the traditional services such as thorough peer review and high-quality online presentation, but are adding to these new ideas to help ensure our authors' work has maximum global impact.

We are a new publisher taking an innovative approach to enhance article reach and impact. As part of Taylor & Francis Group – an Informa business – we are building on solid foundations and maintain the traditional values and high standards of an organization with more than 200 years of experience serving the research community.

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Zita Balogh, Senior Marketing Manager – CogentOA

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