December 20, 2013 | Julie Sutton, Senior eProduct Manager

Improved search functionality

Autocomplete added to Taylor & Francis Online

We have introduced autocomplete functionality to the standard search on Taylor & Francis Online  so that when users begin typing they are presented with a list of matching journal titles. The more letters they enter, the more refined the list becomes. This is in response to feedback from users and authors who want to more easily locate journals that they are interested in, and is also backed up by reports which show that the words “international”, “journal”, “education”, “management”, “development” and “research” are among the top most-searched-for terms (all of which are common staples of our journal titles).

Ten journal titles are displayed and these are presented in alphabetical order. The functionality is in line with that of our competitors, such as Elsevier, and picks up matches regardless of where the words occur in the journal title.

We hope our users find this a useful addition to the site and that it gets them engaging with our content much more quickly.

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